ARCP Panel Preparation

The ARCP panel is organised by the Deanery ARCP team.  The ARCPs fo rmost trainees recruited in an August intake, will take place 13th to 22nd June 2023.  Therefore, your evidence needs to be on there by mid May ideally so it can be reviewed by your CS, ES and ultimately the ARCP panel.  You will not be given your date in advance, so should prepare for 13th June 2023.
If you are not due for an ARCP panel, you will still need an ES review meeting every 6 months even if LTFT.

Book your CS meeting early
You need this completed to use for evidence on your self rating prior to your ES meeting.

Prior to ES meeting (scheduled 6 weeks or less before your ARCP date)

Please complete your self-rating assessment and ensure all your WPBA's are completed and your evidence is loaded at least two weeks prior your ES meeting. Without the self-rating, your ES cannot complete your ES report.  Without this report you will receive an adverse outcome and be referred to the Deanery.

Please refer to the ARCP requirements tab (left hand menu)for evidence needed for ARCP

Remember to also upload the following to your learning log:

  • Post evaluations- link on ePortfolio for trainees section
  • Safeguarding childen and adult level 3 certificate plus yearly update 
  • Reflection on safeguarding (adult and children level 3)
  • Reflection on audit (if applicable)
  • Reflection on OOH & Unscheduled Care
  • Reflection on post
  • Reflection for each CEPs completed
  • GMC survey reference number
  • In date BLS/ AED certificate
  • Statement of leave- (sick/ compassionate/ parental) label it as such
  • Form R Part B

The Form R Part B is used during your training prior to your ARCP panels. Please  download the form from the RCGP website.   Load pages as one PDF document and detail the amount of days you have been out of programme i.e. sick or maternity/ paternity leave. 

Your statement of leave must detail each episode of leave.  This statement must match the amount of days declared on your Form R.

Missing evidence

If evidence is missing,  the deanery will give an unsatisfactory outcome (outcome 5) on your ARCP form, so please double check you have done everything on the checklist. 

If you are having difficulty achieving your CEPS in practice, please find alternative ways of getting them signed off e.g this could be attending a urology clinic to do a prostate examination.  If in any doubt at all, please ask!


Please also refer to the evidence checklist in the ePortfolio for trainees section on this website prior to your ES meeting in preparation for your panel.

Please remember to move items from your personal library as only you can view that area of your ePortfolio.

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