Reflection on audit

You are required to complete one audit during training normally started in your first GP post and a second cycle completed before your CCT.

Through completing this reflection on post you should be able to provide evidence relating to the following GP competencies:

  • Primary care admin and IMT
  • Working with colleagues and in teams
  • Community Orientation
  • Maintaining performance, learning and teaching

Ask yourself the following questions:

What was the subject and aims of the audit/project?

Describe the topic chosen, why you felt it was important and what you hoped to learn by studying this topic. State the specific question that you were hoping to answer

What led to this subject being chosen?

Explain how this subject relates to your work in General Practice and the particular post you were working in when you did the audit or project.

What personal needs did you identify?

Describe needs for learning and development that come out of the audit. These should be described in terms of knowledge, skills and feelings. The needs should be SMART (i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely). What you write in this section and the next should be transferable to your PDP

What learning needs have been identified by the organisation as a result of your work?

Describe the results of your study and relate them to your own personal, clinical and leadership development

What will be done differently in future?

This needs to cover the domains of knowledge, skills and feelings and include suggestions of personal change as well as possible system changes

What further learning needs have you identified for yourself? How will this be achieved?

The plans should be realistic and fit into your schedule; your response here should be clear not vague.

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