Life Support Requirements for GPStRs in Training

Everyone needs BLS with AED certificate for the duration of your training.

If you are in GP or Paeds you also need a PLS certificate.

You must complete training and upload your certificate (s) on to your ePortfolio in preparation for your ARCP panel.  Please book these courses with South Tees Trust Resus Dept. at the beginning of your post.  Study leave must be applied for to attend.

RCGP Revised Guidance April 23

Trainees must demonstrate competence in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillation (AED) in every calendar year. This should include demonstrating competence in these areas for both children and adults, unless there is no paediatric exposure for that year, in which case there is only a need to demonstrate Adult CPR and AED competence.  


We are aware that some Intermediate Life Support (ILS) courses separate adult and paediatric resuscitation. If the ILS course did not include a paediatric component, you would need to provide additional evidence of demonstrating competence in this area – e.g. by undertaking a Basic Life Support (BLS) course that does include a paediatric component or the separate paediatric ILS. Additionally, we are aware that some certificates don’t explicitly refer to paediatric CPR and AED and it is up trainees to ensure the course they attended allows them to demonstrate competence in paediatric CPR and AED and demonstrate this in their portfolio if the certificate doesn’t explicitly state paediatric CPR and AED competence. 

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