Out of Hours

You must demonstrate the capabilities relating to unscheduled care as defined by the RCGP in your reflective log diary.  These are capbilities 1-5 and are detailed on the RCGP web site.  This should then be discussed with your ES during your ES review meeting.

Where and how to gain alternative OOH experience

In your role as duty doctor you may may be able to demonstrate urgent or uncheduled care to your patient.  You may consider working a shift in the Urgent Treatment Centre at the Friarage Hospital.

OOH sessions may include anappropriate mixture of OOH as provided by the local deanery approved provider, ambulance sessions, psychiatric service sessions (crisis team), social service sessions etc. 

The scheme will provide guidance on what non-traditional services will be accepted and should be included as a log entry in the e-Portfolio if there is a lack of normal GP OOH. Weekend surgery sessions for federations/CCGs could count as long as it is unscheduled and not booked care.

Important: You must complete quality log diary enties summarising your sessions with partficular focus on a case where you feel learning and specific capabilities can be identified

  • If you complete a scheduled OOH session, you must ask your supervisor to complete a log sheet, down load this from the RCGP website OOH section documenting your session which can be downloaded from a link at the bottom of this page
  • The log sheet must be uploaded and attached to your log diary entry on your ePortfolio
  • You must negotiate taking time back for OOH sessions completed with your trainer prior to the session

RCGP guidance on capabilities for OOH


The ARCP panel has a responsibility to assess the areas in relation to OOH 
The competencies relating to the skills needed for OOH care - as defined in the RCGP curriculum.

 Out of Hours and the New Contract- Scheduled OOH sessions

You must give your practice at least 2 weeks notice of your booked OOH session.  BMA guidance states 'OOH work must be deducted from a clinical shift in the same week or later week (if agreed) to ensure that the working hours on average per week do not exceed 40 hours.  Taking time back must be negotiated and agreed with your practice and carefully managed.  If you would like to discuss this further, please speak to one of the TPD's.

In order to book an OOH sesions you need to contact the OOH coordinator at the Unscheduled Care service, HDFT.  They will have been notified by us that you are going into General Practice and are attached to the Northallerton programme.  The coordinator will send you a contract to complete and return.  You will be provided with a password.  You will then be able to access a system to book the OOH sessions available to you. 

OOH Coordinator

Phoenix House, Harrogate & District NHSFT, HG2 7RY

Telephone: 01423 555794

Email: OOHRota.coordinator@hdft.nhs.uk


OOH Log Sheet  click on this link to download

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