Reflection on post

You should write one reflection on key learning points for each post that you complete. You should reflect on your learning during the posts using the headings below.

Through completing this reflection on post you should be able to provide evidence relating to the following GP competencies:

  • Community Orientation
  • Maintaining performance, learning and teaching
  • Fitness to practice (work / life balance)

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What knowledge have you gained?  Do you need to do anything so that this knowledge can be used in a GP context? (organisational knowledge as well as clinical knowledge)
  • What skills have you gained? Do you need to do anything so that these skills can be used in a GP context?
  • How has the post and the last 4-6 months affected you as a person and in relation to your life outside work or your attitudes? How have you managed this personally?
  • What plans do you need to develop for self care in the light of this?
  • Reflecting on all these areas; what do you need to do to ensure that in the next post you gain the most personally and in knowledge and skills?


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