Trainee Revalidation

All trainees are required to complete an Enhanced form R for the period prior to and/or between each of their ARCP panels. 

From April 1st 2013, all specialist trainees will be revalidated at CCT (or by April 1st 2018 whichever comes sooner)

The Responsible Officer (RO) for trainees is the Postgraduate Dean who will make a revalidation recommendation to the GMC. He will do this on the basis of

  1. What your ARCP panels say about any known revalidation concerns
  2. Information from collective exit reports from your employers (hospital trusts, local area teams if in Primary Care).

The deanery and your employers will send collective exit reports to the Dean, so you are not required to do anything to ensure this information is available.

What you need to do

In order for the ARCP panel to make a statement about known revalidation concerns, they will have regard to the following three pieces of evidence which they will look for in your ePortfolio;-

1. Enhanced Form R You MUST attach the completed form to a shared learning log entry in course/certificates and email a copy to your scheme administrator.

Enhanced Form R can be downloaded from

It is a professional requirement to complete and submit the form. Failure to do so should lead to ARCP Outcome 5 with a short timescale applied for resubmission and application of a new Outcome.

  • Enhanced Form R is a generic form for all specialties. When you get to the part that asks about what type of training programme you are on, check the CCT box and do not check either of the CESR or the CEGPR boxes
  • Completing an Enhanced Form R means that you are no longer required to complete a separate declaration of complaints

2. Completed Clinical Supervisors Reports for all posts since your last ARCP panel (which will require the CS to check a statement about revalidation concerns)

  • If you complete the A&E and ENT jobs at DMH, we need a CS report for each job
  • If you complete an ITP post, a CS report is required for GP and secondary care 

3. Completed Educational Supervision Report. 

  • Your Educational Supervisor will check a revalidation statement when your Educational Supervision Report is completed


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