Educational aims

"The purpose of adult education is to help them to learn, not to teach them all they know and thus stop them from carrying on learning"

Rogers (1988)

At school and medical school all our education was teacher orientated, we were taught, using various methods, to a curriculum. Our responsibility was to turn up and do the work!  Junior hospital jobs represent a shift towards an apprenticeship model, we do a "job", learning as we go along from those more senior, with a bit of familiar teaching thrown in! (hopefully relevant and well delivered ?).

BUT you are now grown ups and professionally qualified as doctors.

General practitioners and practices are all different, with different skills, aptitudes and preferences. There is a curriculum, with broad areas of basic competencies.  Three years isn't long enough to acquire all the skills and knowledge for a lifetime in practice, some of the stuff you learnt in medical school is out of date (and a lot of what I learnt) and more will be out of date in three years time.

General practice is a lot about rather soft knowledge, not so much the hard facts of textbooks. We need the basic facts, but a good GP is particularly skilled at higher order social skills that revolve around consultation and interpersonal skills. It is these that enable us to help people with the often ill defined ills that mar their lives, and enable them to get the best from our more technical hospital colleagues.  These affective skills are not readily learnt by being taught - you need to learn them for yourself. . . with a bit of help.

When we stop learning and improving we all become stale, bored and less able doctors, which is bad for our patients and worse for us! This leads to burn out, loss of self respect, and feeling generally fed up with our lot.  So this isn't all about gloom and despondency, this is about a positive way of becoming a life long learner. An "adult" or "active" learning model in the jargon. 

Our educational aims are to help you become a lifelong active learner, BUT this means that YOU are largely responsible for how much you get out of the three years with us, the more you put in the more you will get out. We are eager,however, to facilitate your learning and transition to the active model.




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