Creative arts resources

Resources from the creative arts (sometimes also called the medical humanities) are now widely used in GP education. They are a particularly useful tool to explore the holistic aspects of care by engaging with patient’s own stories, beliefs and experience. The arts also stimulate curiosity, awaken sensibilities and open previously unrecognised pathways to intuition and perception.

In this part of the website we list arts (humanities) resources which have been successfully used in GP education; classified both according to topic (MRCGP curriculum statement) and type of creative art.

Other sources of useful information is the New York University Medical Humanities web site.  Please find the link below.

New York University Medical Humanities web site

"The Arts in Medical Education - A practical Guide", Elaine Powley & Roger Higson. 

This book is written by Roger Higson, one of the Training Programme Director's at Northallerton who also delivers Arts in Medicine courses for GP's.

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