Leave forms, claims & policies

Keep a log of your leave

Keep a log of your study, maternity, paternity and other leave by using the form below. It will help you keep an eye on the leave you've taken in a cumulative fashion and make you aware should you reach the maximum stipulated under PMETB rules.

This is the form to record your leave and upload to your ePortfolio prior to your ARCP in the certificate area of your learning log.

Guidelines for different types of leave.

Study leave

Study leave for trainees is not an entitlement but is a discretionary allowance of time and possible funding to enable trainees to access experiences which cannot be gained in planned clinical attachments.  Trainees will not automatically get all study leave they apply for.  Training Programme Directors (TPD's) are responsible for making decisions on whether or not to approve applications for study leave.  

You must complete a study Leave application form and ask your clinical supervisor or trainer to approve the time off and agree the course is appropriate. 

  • Hospital based trainees must complete a Northern Deanery study leave form obtained from the Postgraduate Services office.  This must be signed by your clinical supervisor and also Mrs Chris Lickiss, Medical Personnel Officer, FHN.  This is to apply for the time off only, as there is not a budget for hospital based study leave.  Therefore, you will be allowed the time to ttend the course but you will have to pay for it yourself.


  • General Practice based trainees must complete a Yorkshire Deanery study leave form which you can download, please see below.  This must be signed by your Trainer.

The form should then be sent to the VTS secretary to be processed and for TPD approval 6 weeks prior to the period of leave.  Please contact the VTS secretary with any queries regarding Study Leave.  If you do not apply within the appropriate timescales, your application may be turned down.  This will result in the leave being deducted from your annual leave entitlement and you being liable for the funding of your course personally.

Claims, fees and expenses

Trainees in Practice

Complete the document below.  Take a copy for your records then hand to your Practice Manager.  They should then forward the form, on your behalf, to the Finance department at the relevant PCT office to be processed.  Please do not send your forms to the Yorkshire Deanery as they do not handle travel claims whilst based in Practice.

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