ePortfolio for trainees

LTFT trainees, please refer to the GP Training  Programme section of this  site which has links for guidance regarding assessments and the LTFT policy

Preparing for the ARCP panel

  • Evidence checklist and feedback sheet- This will be used to check the evidence on your ePortfolio for the ARCP panel.  This document includes a list of WPBA required for each ST year.  Please ensure all minimum requirements are met in order to progress. If you use it as a checklist, you can be sure that you have completed all requirements for your panel

Evidence checklist and feedback sheet


Naturally Occurring Evidence (NOE) workbook- preparing for your ES review

This workbook must be completed and uploaded to your ePortfolio prior to your ARCP panel.  Your ES will look at the WPBA mapping and also check your OOH log, Record of Leave and HDR attendance with this document.

  • A workbook has been developed for trainees to help them with producing evidence for ES reviews. This tool will help you to evidence your competencies and to look at your progress. Please follow the link below to open the workbook. 
  • NOE workbook


  •  Assessments and Procedures- Please ensure you have completed and documented correctly the minimum amount of assessments and procedures.  If you have not done so, you will be marked unsatisfactory and referred to Deanery central panel


  • Self Rating- Please remember to complete the self rating on your ePortfolio prior to your Educational Supervisors review.  This is really important and the review cannot be completed without it, resulting in you being marked unsatisfactory.  This could potentially result in a referral to the Deanery central panel and delay your progression


  •  Record of leave- Upload your leave Record of leave within your NOE workbook, to the 'Course/ Certificate' area in your learning log.  This must be uploaded prior to your ARCP panel or you may not progress.  All types of leave (not annual) must be recorded.  Please ensure dates of leave correspond with your post dates on the ePortfolio.  Ladies with maternity leave need to be specific in their dates and types of leave taken as this can affect your CCT i.e. annual leave taken prior to maternity leave needs specifying.   Please add strike days to your leave record.  If in doubt- please ask!


  • Form R- Please upload your form R to the course/certificate area in your log diary ensuring that the days you have taken 'out of programme', i.e. sick, maternity or paternity leave are detailed on the form and on the log entry: Please refer to Trainee Revalidation to download the Form R


 Please ensure that the Form R correlates with your statement of leave.

  • Your Form R requires you to declare the amount of days you have taken out of training.  This is all sick, compassionate and carers leave, (so any leave other than annual leave)  This must match the statement of leave that you complete in the NOE workbook.


  • Reflection on post- Please complete a reflection on post and upload it to the course/ certificate area of your ePortfolio for ARCP panel purposes


  • Post assessment- Please complete the form below send a copy via email to Wendy Buch.  This is to be used for quality purposes at programme level.

Post assessment- General Practice

Post assessment- Hospital post

     ePortfolio guides for trainees

This booklet includes a guide to WPBA's and what you need for each period of training

     Out of Hours (OOH)

Please refer to the OOH section of this site


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