Out of Hours

  • You are required to complete one 4-6 hour OOH session per month in training.
  • These sessions must be booked well in advance and spread throughout your placement at intervals.
  • You must complete a quality log diary entry summarising your session with partficular focus on a case where you feel learning can be identified
  • You must ask your supervisor to complete a log sheet documenting your session which can be downloaded from a link at the bottom of this page
  • The log sheet must be uploaded and attached to your log diary entry on your ePortfolio.
  • You must negotiate taking time back for OOH sessions completed with your trainer prior to the session

Out of Hours and the New Contract

You must give your practice at least 2 weeks notice of your booked OOH session.

The new contract requires any out of hours sessions undertaken to be taken from clinical time in your practice.  The guidance regarding when and timescales involved is clear.

BMA guidance states 'OOH work must be deducted from a clinical shift in the same week or later week (if agreed) to ensure that the working hours on average per week do not exceed 40 hours. 

Taking time back must be negotiated and agreed with your practice and carefully managed.  We would not advise 'building time up' to take long periods out of practice.  This is difficult to manage, could result in disruption to the practice, your training and also result in a non- compliant rota and potential fines for the practice/ Trust.

Best practice is to undertake one OOH 4 hour session per month and to take the time back within the following fortnight in agreement with your practice.  Unfortunately, in some circumstances, service may not allow you to take your time back at your preferred time. 

If you would like to discuss this further, please speak to one of the TPD's.

In order to book your OOH sesions you need to contact the OOH coordinator at the Unscheduled Care service, HDFT.  They will have been notified by us that you are going into General Practice and are attached to the Northallerton programme.  The coordinator will send you a contract to complete  and return to her.  You will be provided with a password.  You will then be able to access a system to book the OOH sessions available to you. 

OOH Coordinator

Phoenix House, Harrogate & District NHSFT, HG2 7RY

Telephone: 01423 555794

Email: OOHRota.coordinator@hdft.nhs.uk

You must complete your OOH sessions with trainers linked with the Northallerton scheme only.  Please see below,



Ambar Duree

Mayford House

Sian Gilchrist


Richard James


Bridget Laybourne


Laura Mezas

Glebe House, Bedale

Simon Miers


Jo Pears

Park Street, Ripon

Stephen Wild


Jaqui Lodge


Karthik Shanmugam   Guisborough
Ann Speight York
Laura Longstaff Thirsk
Elizabeth Gardner Masham
Becky Crowther Catterick HC
Ann Speight OOH Service
William Laughey OOH Service
James Uttley OOH Service

Dr Clare Hyland, GP Trainer & CSA Examiner does sessions at St Georges Centre at Leeds.  Please contact Dr Hyland direct via email to arrange sessions: clarehyland@doctors.net.uk

OOH Log Diary

Please complete a separate log entry for each OOH session you attend.  This entry must give an overview of the session, focussing more comprehensive reflection on a couple of cases which were unusual or of particular interest. 

You must complete 6 sessions in six months, i.e. one per month.  Plan your sessions well in advance.  Be mindful of the ARCP dates and make sure you have all your sessions completed and documented on your ePortfolio prior to your panel.


The ARCP panel has a responsibility to assess two areas in relation to OOH 
1.      The competencies relating to the skills needed for OOH care - as defined in the RCGP curriculum.
2.      Completion of the contractual responsibilities for OOH provision (COGPED define as a minimum of 1 session per calendar month of 4-6 hours on average, see guidance below) 

Where and how to gain alternative OOH experience

1.       The skills needed for OOH can be acquired to some extent in other situations and so where there are for organisational reasons difficulties in completing the expected total of 6 session per 6 months it is important for the trainee to complete other evidence to demonstrate the competencies which would normally be acquired in the OOH setting .
2.      OOH sessions may include an appropriate mixture of OOH as provided by the local deanery approved provider, ambulance sessions, psychiatric service sessions (crisis team), social service sessions etc. The scheme will provide guidance on what non-traditional services will be accepted and should be included as a log entry in the e-Portfolio if there is a lack of normal GP OOH. 

-       Prior to the final ST3 panels GPRs are encouraged to include a log entry detailing the evidence contained within the ePortfolio which demonstrates competency in OOH care. 
-       Extended hours attendance is not OOH work. Weekend surgery sessions for federations/CCGs could count as long as it is unscheduled and not booked care.

-       It is expected that the trainee will complete the whole of the sessions provided by their provider (i.e. if signing up for a 5 hour session attendance is expected for professionalism reasons for all 5 of these hours).

Guidance- COGPED OOH Position Paper Revision Draft Page 12 of 61 Jan 2010

Sessions in Out of Hours

'The number of sessions worked by a GP StR to acquire the necessary competencies is likely to be directly related to the quantity of individual patient contacts, and thus the level of workload, provided by a routine OOH shift. in an urban setting, this is likely to require an indicative benchmark of a four to six hour session every four weeks adjusted in other settings on a pro rata basis.'

'However, allowing for a necessary period of induction into general practice and primary care for GP StRs, the indicative benchmark of twelve sessions is likely to be necessary over a year of training in a GP placement, thus one session per month of training in the last year. GP StRs are now expected to undertake a minimum of 18 months in GP placements and GP Deaneries should ensure that appropriate additional sessions are undertaken pro-rata for placements in GP in the first and second years of training.'

'As per the guidance of the RCGP, ensuring that competencies that are achieved in the ST1 or ST2 years are maintained throughout training. It is expected that GP StRs in integrated training posts (ITPs) based in general practice should gain similar OOH experience to those colleagues undertaking traditional general practice placements. Those doctors who undertake training on a less than full-time basis should undertake the same number of sessions as their full-time colleagues but these would be attained over a longer timeframe.'


Yorkshire and the Humber Deanery OOH Guidance

If in doubt, please follow the link below

RCGP Certification requirements

OOH Log Sheet  click on this link to download

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