Study Day Release Programme (HDR)

Welcome to our new training programme format for 2023

This is a paid activity and you are expected to attend at least 70% of the programme.  Attendance is taken via the completion of evaluation forms, click on the link below.

We have adopted the blended learning approach for our programme delivery.  Some sessions will be delivered face to face and others on line.

  • All teaching sessions are on Thursdays
  • We have added one full study day in place of 2 HDR that month

Teams link for GP training study afternoons

All trainees will get 4 'sessions' of teaching per month.  If there is a full day, that counts for two sessions.

Example of timetable for GP

Week 1 Full day (2 sessions)

Week 2 RCA p.m. (1 session)

Week 3 RCA p.m. (1 session)

Week 4 Work

Week 5 (if there is one) private study p.m.

Hospital trainees-

Attend all full day teaching(unless specified)

If there is no session scheduled for your AKT or RCA group, (check timetable) please go to work

ITP- If there is no session scheduled, please go to work

It is the Trainees responsibility to liaise with the Practice/ Department regarding attendance at teaching/ taking study leave and working

The Full Day Release sessions are in the STRIVE Academic Centre, Friarage Hospital The sessions are from 10:00 – 5:00 p.m. with a break for lunch

  • These are for everyone to attend ST1- ST3

The AKT sessions will be delivered via Teams from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m  

  • These are for those studying for the AKT to attend
  • If you have passed AKT- you must go to work

RCA sessions will be face to face in STRIVE 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

  • These are for those who have passed AKT and are working towards RCA
  • The rest of the group must go to work

Other sessions/ deanery teaching sessions

  • These are for everyone to attend

We aim to make your learning experience as varied and interesting as possible, while ensuring the teaching is curriculum based and relevant.  We use different models and tools to deliver the teaching sessions.  These include group work, presentations and interactive sessions.  We encourage trainee participation where possible.  We also use the creative arts in some of our sessions (medical humanities).  Please see the creative arts section of this web site. We also go off site on occasions for alternative teaching sessions.     

Attendance at all sessions is mandatory and all reasons for absence must be reported beforehand to Wendy Buch via email. 

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