Educational Programme - Summer 19

The training programme is mandatory.  Please endeavour to arrive on time at 2:00 p.m. to avoid disrupting the session.  If you are unable to attend, please let Wendy Buch know via email in advance if possible.





Stroke & TIA

Dr Alastair Ingram

9th May

10 mins for 'I want the pill'

Contraception in the under 16's

Dr Gareth Roberts

16th May

10 mins for Hot Flushes

The Menopause

Dr Morag McDowall

23rd May

10 mins for' Ive had a couple of funny turns'


Dr Jo Pears

30th May

Spring Bank Holiday No VTS

Trainees to stay at work/ personal study


6th June


Palliative care for rural GP's

Dr Nigel Bateman & Dr Mike Brooks

13th June

Genetic disorders


Dr Angela Carrothers

20th June

Target Day- all trainees to attend



20th June

ARCP panel



27th June

10 mins for 'Safely using insulin'


Dr Julia Brown

4th July



Dr Chris Webb

11th July

AKT and statistics


Dr Dave Hindmarsh
18th July

Trainers workshop- no VTS




Summer holidays 19th July – 24th August

Induction session for ST1 16th August



































































Curr. ref Date Details (all sessions 2- 5pm with tea at about 3:30pm)






26th April



Eye clinic- Mr Andrew Gibson


 Dr Steve Wild






 4th May



Mangement options for dyspepsia


Dr Ed Forsyth1






 11th May



Abnormal LFTS


Dr Ed Forsythe






 18th May



Advance care planning, DNACPR and Chaperones


Ian Wilson, GMC                                 Dr Jo Pears






25th May





Alcohol in GP                              Gareth Roberts






1st June



Half Term








 8th June



Pre-cancerous & cancerous lesions              Dr John Waldron








 15th June



Arts in medicine                                Ambar Duree








 22rd June



Cervical and Ovarian cancer             Dr Morag McDowall








 29th June



  Breathlessness and CVD                 Dr Alastair Ingram








 6th July



Metabolic syndrome & other endocrine disorders     Dr Julia Brown








 13th July



Trainers workshop


No HDR- Trainees to stay at work








20th July



Summer Holidays


HDR resumes 10th August for new starters and 17th August for everyone 










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