A Framework for planning a HDR session

These notes have been written for several reasons:

  • To help ST1 trainees contribute when they often have less experience
  • To encourage ST2 trainees to gain knowledge for the AKT
  • To encourage ST3 trainees to gain experience for the CSA and independent practice
  • To help trainers/facilitators prepare for a teaching session

Overall plan

  • ST1 trainees will prepare some knowledge on a topic that they think maybe useful to a GP and present it as a group after a short discussion amongst themselves
  • ST2 trainees will prepare knowledge in more detail on a separate topic which they think maybe useful for a GP and for answering questions in the AKT. They will also present as a group after a short discussion (examples to consider: key points, hot topics, thresholds, guidelines, research base)
  • ST3 will prepare a scenario or large group session which could be
    a. A CSA type case to practice
    b. A step wise discussion about a real case from practice
    c. An ethical debate about how a case might be handled
    d. Other presentations e.g. A practice meeting  or developing a service are examples

Notes for trainers

The trainer facilitates the two topic discussions, looking for more depth and breadth from the ST2 discussion.

The trainer oversees the ST3 led scenario keeping in mind whether they have developed some key learning points.

If I were teaching a session, I would choose the topics for ST1 and ST2 then make a few notes on what I would like broadly to be covered (remembering I expect a bit more as above from ST2). I would roughly prepare a CSA to use or real life case to discuss through in case the ST3s struggle with relevant material. If needed they could then develop this whilst the ST1 and ST2s do their preparation as a group.

If you need to distribute material beforehand to the trainees, all the email address's are available in the Downloads/ training documents section of this site.  This is the password protected area.

If you need anything further, please do not hesitate to contact one of the TPD's for advice.

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