Rota Aug 20 Feb 21 Aug 21 Feb 22 Aug 22 Feb 23
N1 A&E/ ENT Darlington Obs & Gynae Paeds GP Gt Ayton GP Catterick GP Catterick
N2 A&E/ ENT Darlington GP Northallerton O&G Gen Medicine GP Ripon GP Ripon
N3 O&G Mental Health General Medicine GP Catterick GP Leyburn GP Leyburn
N4 GP Catterick Gen Medicine Innovative GP Psychaitry Paeds GP Northallerton GP Northallerton

Please see above rotations available for August 2020 Round 1 readvert

For more information, please look at the hospital post and GP practice tabs.  Please contact Wendy Buch to discuss rotations further 01609 762523

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