Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT) at Northallerton

‘Yorkshire and the Humber Postgraduate Deanery adopts a unified approach to all trainees wishing to train less than full-time.  The Deanery offers support to all trainees who, for well- founded personal reasons, are unable to complete their training programme on a full-time basis‘

The guidance below is for trainees who have been granted LTFTT by the Yorkshire Deanery.

The GMC additional position statement on academic training in a less than full-time setting – January 2012 states that LTFT placements should have the approval of the Postgraduate Dean or their deputy. They should meet the needs of the trainee, be appropriate for the training establishment and make best use of resources.’ 

The rota you are given has been approved by the Training Programme and the Training Practice to fulfil the trainees educational requirements whilst meeting the service needs of the practice.  It will provide you with the learning opportunities you need to achieve competence.  This will include on calls, working full days, which may include early starts or late finishes and also periods of study time and tutorials.  Alterations to rotas may result in the post being unsuitable for GPStR training and require re-approval  by the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB) who is  the non-departmental public body responsible for postgraduate medical education and training in the United Kingdom.  This could result in the post not being included towards your progression.

Less than full time attendance at Half Day Release should be monitored carefully.  You will be asked to attend 50% of the teaching programme, attending every other session.  This means one week you are expected to attend teaching and the next week stay in practice.  Any other arrangement should be authorised by your Trainer and the Training Programme Directors.  Although we would not recommend altering this timetable as it could lead to confusion and is difficult to monitor. 

You are required to upload a comprehensive statement of leave, detailing all leave taken from the job, onto your ePortfolio as evidence for your ARCP panel.  This can prove difficult if a structured timetable has not been adhered to, so this is why we put these timetables in place.  An incomplete or inaccurate statement of leave could result in a deanery referral.

The Yorkshire Deanery and Royal College of GP’s have web sites with areas dedicated to LTFTT with all the information you need regarding your assessments etc. and links to the relevant documents you may wish to refer to.

If you need any further clarification on issues related to LTFTT, please contact one of our Training Programme Directors who will be happy to discuss this further.

Please follow the link below to the Yorkshire and the Humber Deanery web site for information regarding LTFT training.

Yorkshire and the Humber Deanery LTFT Training

GMC- Assessment requirements for LTFT trainees

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